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If you own a business, it needs to be online. That doesn't mean your business only exists online. What it means is that in today's technology-driven world, you need to promote your business online because people expect to see it there. Potential buyers expect to see what you offer before contacting you, or before taking the time to visit your establishment.

And if someone is doing a general search for what you sell, why wouldn't you want your shop to appear in his or her Google search for that item?

Furthermore, an online presence gives you a chance to sell to people who live faraway. ebay shop design helps you accomplish all of this.

More information on ebay shop design

An eBay shop is one of the better ways to expand your business using a personal website.

Your eBay shop design should be easy to navigate, clearly display your goods, and make a visual statement about who you are.

Easy to Navigate

The first thing to decide is how you want the store to look on the page. This means that you decide the basic structure of it, as you would a store that you can actually enter and browse. That's why it helps to think of this eBay shop as an extension of the store you already own, or how you would set up a store if you had one offline. Therefore

*clearly indicate your store name, a brief store bio, and an easy way to get in touch with you,

*clearly state your store policies, accepted methods of payment, and an easy way to make purchases,

*make sure all buttons and links are easy to see and use, and

*make sure that people can search for items if needed.

Display Your Goods

Showing off your goods online means that you need to understand photography and lighting. Many items are overlooked by online shoppers because the lighting makes the items look dull, stained, or just uninteresting.

Angles also make a major difference in how something looks in an online photo. Play around with shooting different angles on different items to get the best photo.

If you use a live model, make sure he or she is styled correctly and entices the reader. Think of your photography as a magazine shoot to get photos that sell. You want clean, neat looking models. Same thing for mannequins. Don't use stained, decaying mannequins. Don't cut corners to save money because that is a sure way for potential buyers to click on another shop.

Anything less than stellar makes people question how well you take care of the items you are selling.

Make a Visual Statement

Pick a font that is easy to read and that looks professional. Think crisp and modern.

Your shop colors should not interfere with the website text or the items you are selling. Place a logo on each page that clearly represents your shop, but don't let it distract from the items for sell.

Following these steps help ensure you run a successful eBay shop as well as a successful overall business.